Hi! My name is Jennifer Nini and I’m the creator (and principal word artist) of The Social Copywriter.

Before launching this content marketing and social media agency, I worked for a digital marketing firm in Melbourne, Australia where I was responsible for the digital performance and client satisfaction of over 100 brands.

Officially I was a copywriter, client manager and project manager. Unofficially, I was team stylist and nutritionist (I have this thing for fashion and health).

In fact, I am a “millennial” and I’ve been using the internet since I was 14 years old when access to the technology hit the mainstream. I’ve been living and breathing digital since those Netscape, Napster and ICQ days.

And it’s at this point that I should also reveal that I’m also the founder of Australia’s leading sustainability and ethical fashion blog, Eco Warrior Princess

Founder + Editor-in-Chief Australia’s leading ethical blog

Eco Warrior Princess - Jennifer NiniEco Warrior Princess - Jennifer Nini

As the woman behind one of the world’s leading ethical fashion and eco lifestyle blogs (this is not exaggerated, google ‘top ethical blogs’ and you’ll find me on many lists), my opinion is often sought after. I’ve been featured in green publications such as Peppermint MagazineEluxe Magazine and Nature & Health, and my articles have appeared in countless websites. Eco Warrior Princess was launched in 2010, and because I’m highly familiar with SEO and take my own marketing seriously, it consistently attracts large amounts of daily traffic and ranks highly for words such as sustainable fashion blogs.’

So being an ethical influencer and digital marketer has given me valuable insight into the marketing behaviours of socially responsible businesses. While they stand for what’s right (wonderful as I won’t work with them otherwise), their marketing efforts are so wrong.

I’m really just a social do-gooder masquerading as a digital content specialist. So instead of shaking my head at these ethical businesses, I decided that I should use my communication skills to help.

Cue, The Social Copywriter.

I created a business that is in the business of helping social businesses (I dare you to say that 10 times in a row!).

There’s only a small team of us so you know what that means don’t you? More attention, more love.

The Art of Digital Copywriting

So what kind of online copywriting work do we do and what exactly is SEO copywriting?

Firstly, let me clarify what SEO copywriting is. Without going into geek speak it is writing digital content in a way that engages with your customers and simultaneously boosts your website’s natural rankings on Google to increase online traffic. If you’re not sure how a copywriter differs from a writer, read this post.

Compelling copy = more traffic = more enquiries = more sales

Types of content we create:

  • Blog posts
  • Website content
  • Articles
  • Press releases
  • Guest posts (on behalf of your business)
  • Downloadable guides
  • e-Books
  • LinkedIn business + personal profiles
  • Social media posts + graphics
  • Infographics

Digital marketing services we offer:

  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Website audits
  • Branding & PR
  • Creation of websites

Why do we work with socially responsible businesses only?

We want to work with people and businesses whose values align with our own. There is nothing worse than dealing with clients that don’t “get it”.

Considering that life is short and time is precious, we don’t want to agonise over trying to convince people and businesses of the importance of business ethics, transparency and social and environmental impact.

The capitalistic business paradigm of putting profits above all else has caused many problems in our world. We believe in being part of the solution and not a part of the problem. Which is why we believe that people and planet are just as important as profits.

So if your values don’t align with ours, please for both our sakes, don’t bother getting in touch. Unless you’re serious about positive change, then please do.

How we walk the talk.

Although we officially launched this business mid-2015, in March 2016, we moved from operating from our solar-powered home to leasing an office to access better internet services and be in closer contact with clients.

This means that our carbon emissions have exponentially increased as we now travel to and from work as well as use non-renewable energy to power our office. To counter this negative impact, we have decided to offset our carbon emissions using Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund who plant trees on our behalf.

We are also looking to donate a percentage of our profits to a worthy cause. We are still in the process of deciding on a charitable organisation to partner with but once this has been finalised it, we will announce it here on the website. Check back at a later stage if you’re interested in finding out who we’ve chosen.

The Social Copywriter uses Carbon neutral charitable fund to offset carbon

Want to get the ball rolling?

Like what you’ve read so far? Interested in our services?

Let’s get to know each other first. I’ll let you make the first move.

Complete the contact form or send an email to: hello@thesocialcopywriter.com. Or you can contact us on +61 411 508 204.

Looking forward to hearing from (and hopefully working with) you!

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  • Hi Jennifer…I wrote this in one of your blog pages I think!!? so I have copied again here, in the correct place ! I have been following your blog for some time – fantastic work! We are currently trying to focus our energy on attracting more of the people we love, and those that love us – I’ve been neglecting the blog and NL etc for too long, our social media is all over the shop! I believe we have a great vision, and something worth sharing, but we are not getting it across in a succinct/meaningful way. We’ve got a plan of attack but need some help. I would be really interested in talking it through with you. We are a social impact business selling sustainable jewellery & homewares. We’ve only been up and running for 18months- we’ve hit some milestones but have a long way to go – we are building slowly but it’s time to mix things up, really focus on the basics of e-commerce and try something new! Look forward to hearing from you! Kate Boston.

    • Hi Kate! Thanks so much for getting in touch. I love the sounds of your business because this is exactly why I began this digital start-up! To help businesses like yours connect with its audience. I would absolutely love to learn more so I’ll send you an email and we’ll go from there x