Testimonials - In their words...

It’s all about being genuine.

We’re a genuine team who’ve been fortunate to receive some genuine words from people who genuinely loved us.

Here’s what they said about us…

Alana Deukett from Luludu Design

“Working with Jen was a dream come true. I’m a feeler, a thinker, a do-er…but unfortunately I’m not a writer! Jen helped take my story to the next level, and was able to explain it in a way that allows the reader to connect to my journey. It was everything I’ve wanted to say but could never find the words to say it.” — Alana Deukett, Luludu

Rachel Pines Moonbird

“What a lovely conversation today. I could have listened to you all day! Thank you for spending the time with me and giving me such important advice. I am all fired up to put it into practice now and have already found someone to do Pinterest for me!” — Rachel Pines, Moonbird

Guy Roberts, SEO & E-Commerce Specialist

“The quality of content that Jennifer creates was a huge influence on client satisfaction and retention. I’ve had clients continually praise the work produced by Jennifer, some clients that we have built websites for and added in some short paragraphs have even from there called us and asked to run online PR campaigns on the condition that Jennifer will be the author.” — Guy Roberts, SEO & E-Commerce Specialist

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