Why Ethical Brands Should Implement a Video Marketing Strategy in 2017

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Why Ethical Brands Should Implement a Video Marketing Strategy in 2017

Holidays are coming up soon and you will have some downtime to think about your 2017 marketing strategy. To nudge you in the right direction, don’t forget to ensure that videos should be on top of that list!

Why implement a video content strategy?

Well, 2016 is known as the year when videos reigned supreme. And the trend is expected to continue in 2017. Cisco forecasts that by 2017, videos will account for 69 percent (%) of all consumer internet traffic1 and it is expected to grow exponentially.

Therefore, if you want to build brand awareness and grow your business, video is the way to go. Here are important reasons to consider why videos should be integral in your marketing strategy:

1. Videos engage customers in a more emotional way.

This is important as data from Psychology Today show that emotions rule consumer behavior as compared to information. Emotions have big influence on buying decisions and consumer loyalty.2 The more that your video inspires; creates curiosity; evokes happiness, humor, sadness or even anger; the more it will translate to conversion rates.  An infographic from VideoExplainers.com cite that 85 percent (%) of customers are will purchase a product after watching a video.3

video marketing strategy for ethical brands

2. Videos offer higher engagement and commands customer attention.

People are visual creatures. In fact, 93 percent of all human communication is visual. Also, pages with visual images, including videos draw 94 percent more views as compared to its text-only counterparts.4 Hence, your brand is likely to gain more attention and connect with your customers with videos.

3. Videos offer better SEO.

Did you know that a video will increase your website’s page ranking by 53 times?5 Search engine algorithms such as that of Google have changed a lot recently and they have put more priority on video content.  At the same time, social media sites make it easy to share and embed video content.

4. Creating videos are now quite affordable and easy to do.

With recent technological improvements, high quality videos can now be created through your smartphone or tablet. Editing can be done in just a few minutes through a downloadable app. There’s no need to invest in video or editing equipment.

video digital marketing strategy

5. Your competition is already taking advantage of videos.

Convince and Convert reports that 96 percent of B2B companies are planning to use videos in their content marketing strategy.6 Don’t get left out. Stand out from the competition by engaging in video content marketing now.

For first-time users of video in content marketing, we are aware that this may be a bit intimidating. As such, we have compiled five important tips that you may find useful in incorporating videos to your marketing strategy;

1. The storyline is the key to great video content.

Do not create a video simply for the sake of doing it. Look at your business goals and objectives. Determine what it is that you really want to achieve. Think about what will appeal to your audience. Then create an emotive storyline around it.

Make sure that your story will hook your audience. It pays to test your videos on your target audience, get their reactions and make revisions if needed.

video content marketing strategy for ethical brands

2. The shorter the video, the better.

You have a lot of competition for your audience’s attention. As such, make every second count. Ensure that you get your message across in the first 10 seconds. Remember, Snapchat videos are only 10 seconds long, Instagram has a 60-second limit while Facebook and Youtube will allow you to post longer videos. However, it is important that you convey your message in the first few seconds as the longer your video, the lower the retention. Plus, it has been found that the average retention span of a viewer is just 9 seconds, 1 second shorter than that of a goldfish.7

3. Wow your audience.

When you create a video, always think of how to engage your audience and make your video social. You want your audience to like your video, shared it, embed it on their website, blogs or social media and talked about. You don’t want your video to end up on just your own accounts. Remember, the point is to get people to engage with it. 

Why Ethical Brands Should Implement a Video Marketing Strategy in 2017

4. Optimize your video.

Make sure that your video is searchable. Use relevant keywords, tags, titles and make sure that there is an embed link and a share link. This will help your video rank high on search engines.

5. Build a campaign around your video.

Actively promote your video. The biggest mistake that you can make is to simply upload your video on your website or social media accounts and wait for your target audience to find it. Be the one to trumpet it and get your audience to engage with it by having a strategy in place.

Ready to start on your 2017 video marketing strategy? Let us know how it goes.

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